Een "optimistische" bespreking van F-35 A/B/C


Why The F-35 Is The Right Aircraft To Defeat ISIS

C.W. Lemoine,, 30/11/2015

Gelieve ook de commentaren onderaan het artikel te lezen.

Zoals: "F-35 is a total failure and should be shut down immediately is not at the tactical level, but at the strategic level. The absurd price tag on this program has made the plane too expensive to lose. What was originally designed
to be a cheaper, more expendable alternative to the F-22 now has a high price per unit than its bigger cousin." ...
"The quality of technology is a linchpin in American strategy, but quantity has a quality of its own. The F-35 fleet, and F-22 for that matter, lack the quantity that is required to fight any real war. We have spent ourselves into a very vulnerable position on these programs."